Professional Development

As a Physical Education teacher, I will strive to be influential not only as a teacher, but as a person as well.  I will focus on teaching my students skills and knowledge that will allow them to be physically active for a lifetime.  I will also incorporate team building exercises which will teach my students how to cooperate with one another to assist positive attitudes not only in the classroom but in society as well.  I will motivate my students through many diverse activities that introduces them to many ways to stay active. I will offer team sports.  Along with team sports, I will also incorporate a fitness unit to equip my students with knowledge concerning fitness concepts and how they relate to everyday life. It is important to me that my students are continually educated in each classroom to provide them with proper understanding of the importance of staying physically fit. I will ensure my students have a safe and positive atmosphere for learning to take place.  Along with a safe learning environment, I want my students to have fun.