Standard 2

Skill and Fitness Based Competence
Physical education teacher candidates are physically educated individuals with the knowledge and skills necessary to demonstrate competent movement performance and health enhancing fitness delineated in the NASPE K-12 Standards.


                  This course includes the elements of American Red Cross Responding to Emergencies First Aid. This places emphasis on knowledge and procedures in responding to emergency first aid situations, which will help in real life problems. At the completion of this class, I as a student received Red Cross Responding to Emergencies, and Emergency Response Certification and became more sure of myself in times of emergencies.


                        This course was designed to develop an appreciation for outdoor activities. Knowledge of land use and varied outdoor recreation pursuits is a big part of the class and is stressed in this class. The class was a combination of in class lectures and field experiences. Some of these field experiences include going canoeing on the Buffalo River, Orienteering day trek at Chestnut Ridge, and a weekend tent camping trip in Alleghany. Along with the trips, we also learn important hands on skills that will aid me in trips like knot tying, trip planning, cooking, story telling, performances of skits for entertaining, fire building, tent and shelter building, and gear evaluation, and orienteering.

Social/Psychology of Sport

                  This course has shown me as a student how Sociology and Psychology can be used to study sport in society. It facilitated the use of published literature combined with the Internet to learn about sports in society. Topics included the history of sport, gender and sports, sports and the media, sports and social theories. I learned how different aspects of our culture affect how we play and view sports and how sports affect the way we view our culture also which is important in today’s society.

Junior Varsity and Varsity Lacrosse

         High school lacrosse was always about hard work and determination. This sport has taught me to give 100 percent of what you have mentally and physically every chance you get when you’re on the field. This mentality and work ethic has been transferred to my everyday life by giving 100 percent every time I am given a task at school or work even if it is small. I played Lacrosse for about three years. It was my sophomore year in high school and I tried out for the JV lacrosse team. I made the team but there was one major problem, I was behind in skills compared to my other friends who have played for over six years already. I had a lot of catching up to do. Right at the start of the season I got mono. So I had to sit out the whole season due to an enlarged spleen. I took stats for the team... ground balls ... shots ... and goals. Also I set up daily drills for the team. In the winter time I played indoor lacrosse. Then my junior year I made varsity lacrosse. My position was long stick midfield. I played defense and learned many new skills as a defender. Then that winter I played indoor lacrosse again and then made the Varsity team again my senior year and lead our team to the semi finals.

Varsity Golf
         As much as golf was an individual event, it was also a team sport. Being apart of an individual sport, has taught me to be better my own self. After every golf match, the next match I would try and beat my last score. Always trying to better myself in this sport, lead me to apply that skill in the real world.